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Love my nuwe bril! Vir ‘n oogkundige wat uitstekende en vinnige diens lewer kan julle gerus vir Aretha Kruger Coetzee  kontak. Ek het definitief ‘n nuwe oogkundige for life!

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Dankie vir my nuwe bril. Vir die coolste rame en beste diens, gaan check hul uit.

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Eye Exam

Detection, Correction or Referral we will be able to accommodate you. Also, it doesn’t matter what age group you are we are able to assist regardless of your age.


An eye test, however, is much more than this. An eye test is not just for those who noticed that their vision at a distance or up close is not as great as it used to be. An eye test is essential for everyone, testing your eyes we will be able to look at both your vision and health.
The results obtained from an eye test can tell us if your eyes are healthy, if your eye pressures are normal, if you have cataracts, if you need spectacles to relief eye strain, to correct for refractive errors or if you have perfect vision. An eye test can also tell us if it is time to have your blood pressure, blood sugar
and cholesterol levels checked.

Every person coming for an eye test also needs to do a fundus photograph. This photo is extremely valuable in the early detection and monitoring of macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and many more.

Drivers license screening

Instead of waiting ages in long ques, we can provide a certificate that is accepted by the licensing department.


ACO will test your eyes to make sure you are fit for your drivers license. Contact us today to find out more.

Glaucoma Screening

Recommended for men and women over 60, the Glaucoma screen detects your risk for Glaucoma


The purpose of glaucoma screening tests is to detect those with early stage disease, so that these patients can be treated to reduce the risk of visual field loss. For patients with pre-perimetric glaucoma, screening tests are limited to the evaluation of the optic nerve and the NFL.

Age: age by itself is a risk factor. In the Baltimore Eye Studi, patients in their 70s had x 3.5 times the risk for developing glaucoma than those patients in their 40’s

Race: Black individuals have 3-4 times more risk than whites to develop glaucoma; and Hispanics have 1-2 times more risk than whites to develop glaucoma. The cause of this race variation is unknown.

Intraocular Pressure (IOP): Increased intraocular pressure is a risk factor for the development of glaucoma. It should be taken into account that the IOP has a diurnal variation, and so even if one measurement is within the normal range, high peaks of IOP may still be present causing optic nerve damage. And so, it is recommended that the time of IOP measurement be recorded along with IOP. Most subjects have a peak of IOP during the night (because of the body position)

Family History: people with first degree relatives with glaucoma are at higher risk for developing glaucoma.

Corneal thickness: patients with thinner corneas have a greater risk for developing the disease (besides the influence on the IOP measurement). It has been thought that thinner corneas may be related to increased biomechanical susceptibility of the lamina cribrosa and peripapillary sclera.

Myopia and Diabetes Mellitus: they are thought to be related but no hard evidences exist yet to show a relation.

Spectacles and Sunglasses

Need Specs or Sunglasses? We have a wide variety of spectacles and sunglasses.


Come to our store and see for yourself. We have all tipes of brand to suit your style and pocket. Oakly, Ray-Ban, Polaroid and many more.

Eye Exam

We provide comprehensive eye exams for all ages

Spectacles and Sunglasses

Pick from our large variety of brands. We can assure you that we have what you are looking for

Contact Lense Assessment

Every person is different in regard to contact lenses as the type you are given will depend upon your eye prescription,

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